Icos Corp. said Monday it has entered into a researchcollaboration with the Doheny Eye Institute to study noveladhesion molecules, which are used as anti-inflammatories.

Shintaro Suzuki of the Doheny Eye Institute, will serve as theprincipal investigator in the research. None of the research isaimed at treating diseases of the eye, but is part of an ongoingIcos project to develop medications for treating asthma,multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

"He (Suzuki) has done research in the past with adhesionmolecules, and we have done research in the past," said JaniceLeCocq, executive vice president of finance and administrationfor the Seattle-based company. "We are consolidating ourposition."

LeCocq said the company has filed patent applications for anew class of adhesion molecules discovered at Icos and theDoheny Eye Institute on behalf of both groups.

Their agreement states that Icos (NASDAQ:ICOS) will receiveworldwide rights to future technology from the research andthat the Doheny Eye Institute may receive royalties fromfuture products. Suzuki will also receive laboratory support inthe form of a grant from the company. LeCocq said Icos wouldnot disclose financial details of the agreement.

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