Cephalon Inc. said it has received a patent for the use ofMyotrophin insulin-like growth factor-1 to treat amyotrophiclateral sclerosis (ALS) and other disorders in which cholinergicneurons are at risk of dying.

U.S. patent No. 5,093,317 issued Tuesday.

The West Chester, Pa., company (NASDAQ:CEPH) plans to file inJune to begin trials of Myotrophin to treat ALS. ALS, or LouGehrig's disease, is a fatal disorder that affects about 30,000U.S. patients and almost 100,000 people worldwide. It has noknown cause or cure.

Cholinergic neurons are also affected in Alzheimer's diseaseand other motor neuron diseases. Cephalon said it knows of noother companies that are developing IGF-1 to treatneurodegenerative diseases.

The stock closed unchanged at $14.50 on Wednesday.

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