Immunex Corp. on Wednesday presented preliminary datafrom Phase I trials of soluble human interleukin-1 receptor inallergy patients and of PIXY321 to restore red and white bloodcells in patients with certain cancers.

Steven Gillis, executive vice president and director of researchand development, told the Merrill Lynch Health Careconference in New York that patients given IL-1 receptorshowed dramatically lower reactions to allergens at doses aslow as one microgram.

Individual patients were given skin patch tests at various sites.Some sites were treated subcutaneously with IL-1 receptor andsome with placebo. At doses of 25 micrograms, even sitestreated with placebo showed no reaction, indicating that theIL-1 receptor molecule circulates freely, Gillis said.

PIXY321 showed an ability at very low doses -- 25 microgramsper meter squared -- to raise neutrophil and platelet levels,Gillis said. The drug combines in a single molecule analogs ofgranulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor and IL-3.

Both drugs also showed no toxicity and no generation ofantibodies, said Gillis.

Immunex last week signed a deal with Bristol-Myers SquibbCo. giving Bristol-Myers international rights to PIXY321 outsideof the the United States and Canada.

The stock (NASDAQ:IMNX) lost 25 cents to $65.25.

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