Procyte Corp. has received notice from the Patent andTrademark Office that a U.S. patent will issue in 1992 to coveruse of its copper-peptide compounds within the body, theKirkland, Wash., company said Thursday.

The company already has patents on the topical application ofthe compounds for wound healing. Phase II studies of Procyte'sIamin in diabetic wound healing at 15 medical centers areexpected to end by early next year. An independentinvestigator is conducting an initial study of the compound,given by enema, in colitis.

Tests of the company's Iamin-IB in animals suggest it fightsinflammation and induces growth of epithelial tissue bystimulating macrophages to release their growth factors.

Giving the drugs systemwide would be expected to aid healingof deep surgical incisions, especially if the patient is immune-compromised or weakened by the surgery, Karen Hedine, vicepresident of administration, told BioWorld.

Hedine said it would "probably be a couple of years" before thecopper peptides are entered into clinical trials to test theirefficacy and safety when taken internally.

Procyte stock (NASDAQ:PRCY) closed at $8.75, up 63 cents. -- RF

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