Immunex Corp. on Thursday reported a second consecutivequarter of profits, posting net income of $883,000, or 5 centsper share, on revenues of $17.4 million for the third quarterended Sept. 30.

In the comparable 1990 quarter, Immunex lost $4.5 million, or44 cents a share, on revenues of $6.2 million.

Net product sales, virtually all of which were fromgranulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor, totaled$11.7 million. Of that amount, $9.5 million was from directsales of Leukine GM-CSF, a white blood cell stimulant approvedfor sale in March. The remainder were sales of GM-CSFmanufactured for Immunex's co-marketer, Hoechst-RousselPharmaceuticals.

Net Leukine sales are $19.5 million for the year to date. First-and second-quarter Leukine sales were $3.3 million and $6.7million, respectively.

The Seattle company's stock (NASDAQ:IMNX) was down $1.63 at$41.75 on Thursday.

Sales of Amgen Inc.'s competing Neupogen granulocyte colonystimulating factor were $59.7 million in the quarter, comparedwith second-quarter sales of $33.4 million.

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