Collagen Corp. stock picked up $1.38 on Wednesday, closing at$17.75, after the company announced that another collagenimplant suit against it has been dismissed.

The suit alleged that Collagen Corp.'s injectable collagenimplants were defective, that the company had failed toprovide adequate warning of defects, and that use of theimplants had caused the patient to develop the autoimmunedisease polymyositis/dermatomyositis.

The suit was dismissed in a summary judgment held by a U.S.District Court in Houston. Collagen spokesman Bruce Voss saidthe decision can be appealed.

Of 555,000 people who have received the implants over thepast decade, 14 have sued the Palo Alto, Calif., company(NASDAQ:CGEN), claiming the treatment caused autoimmunedisease. Eleven prior cases have been resolved in Collagen'sfavor, and two are pending.

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