Genzyme Corp. common stock closed up $2 a share onWednesday at $35.38.

This followed remarks by Henri Termeer, president of theCambridge, Mass.-based company, to the Merrill Lynch Drugand Biotechnology Industry conference. He said that Genzymeexpects to earn profits of 75 cents a share in 1991, which is inline with analysts' estimates, while revenues should exceed$100 million. That would be nearly double 1990 revenues of$55 million. Termeer didn't specify Genzyme's anticipated 1990loss. Its stock (NASDAQ:GENZ) has gained $6.50 a share since itsclose last Thursday.

Termeer reiterated that Genzyme expects imminent approval of Ceradase, as recommended in Octoberby a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee, fortreating Gaucher's disease, an inherited metabolic disorder.

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