New York-based Accenture reported it has built a data and analytics approach to manage and derive insights from pediatric acute myeloid leukemia (AML) genomic data. Working in collaboration with researchers and clinicians from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Fred Hutch), and the Target Pediatric AML (TpAML) computational working group, a large-scale research project which supplied the data, this new approach aims to enable pediatric oncology physicians and researchers – specifically those focused on pediatric AML – to better analyze patient clinical trial and genetic data, with the potential to improve precision medicine.

Guilford, U.K.-based Angle plc reported the University of Basel has published breakthrough research, using Angle's Parsortix system, into the role of hypoxia (reduced oxygen levels) in promoting breast cancer metastasis. Groups of circulating tumor cells (CTCs), known as clusters, have been reported to be 50 times more likely to generate metastasis compared to individual CTCs. The new research, led by Nicola Aceto at the Cancer Metastasis Laboratory, University of Basel Switzerland, found that intra-tumor hypoxia increased CTC cluster shedding rate and metastasis formation in mice. In addition, hypoxic (compared to normoxic) CTCs formed significantly larger cell clusters, leading to the development of metastasis earlier and reducing survival time. More research will be needed to understand these impacts and the Parsortix system is the leading system to enable effective investigation of CTC clusters to facilitate this research. The research has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Cell Reports.

Krakow, Poland-based Ardigen SA, a company applying artificial intelligence to precision medicine, has signed a grant agreement with the National Center for Research and Development for the funding of a technology for the development of T-cell receptor (TCR)-based therapies in immuno-oncology. The company will harness AI for the design of TCRs that cannot be reached by the laboratory methods currently in use. The created technology will reduce the time needed for discovery and optimization of TCRs; it will also limit the number of required laboratory experiments and decrease R&D costs. The total value of the project will be $5.4 million.

Bioclinica Inc., of Princeton, N.J., is teaming up with Boston-based GI Reviewers LLC to develop technology for the interpretation and analysis of colonoscopy videos in clinical trials of inflammatory bowel disease, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. The partnership includes Bioclinica’s acquisition of existing technology and intellectual property developed by GI Reviewers, as well as a development collaboration to further extend the technology using machine learning/deep learning methods.

Austin-based Caresafely reported the launch of an infection control management solution specifically for the senior care industry. The digital tool combines easy-to-use software and expert content that ensures all COVID-19 risks are tracked, mitigated and actively managed.

Change Healthcare Operations LLC, of Nashville, said its Medrx claims billing and consumer engagement solution for pharmacies now allows pharmacies to easily process and receive reimbursement for COVID-19 tests within their regular workflow.

Health care solutions company Cpsi, of Mobile, Ala., and Chartwise Medical Systems Inc., of Wakefield, R.I., have joined forces to offer clinical documentation solutions to improve reimbursement, compliance and quality scores for providers, leveraging Chartwise’s computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement (CDI) software.

Geneva, Switzerland-based Ebamed SA has been awarded €2.5 million (US$2.8 million) in a nondilutive grant by the Enhanced European Innovation Council to develop its cardiac motion management production for the noninvasive treatment of heart arrythmias. The grant enables Ebamed to optimize the product’s hardware and software components and conduct a first-in-human study, which is slated to start in 2021.

Longitude Capital, of Menlo Park, Calif., closed its Longitude Venture Partners IV L.P. (LVP4) fund with $585 million in capital commitments. LVP4 is the largest fund Longitude Capital has raised to date and will invest in biotech, med-tech and health solutions companies that seek to transform the health care industry.

Dublin-based Medtronic plc reported the first enrollments in the ALLEVIATE-HF clinical trial, which will evaluate the ability of its Reveal Linq insertable cardiac monitor in identifying patients at high risk of worsening heart failure. The trial will determine if early information provided by the Linq devices enables clinicians to take action before patients’ conditions worsen.

Quadvantage Technologies Inc., of Raleigh, N.C., completed the development phase for its Quadriceps ACL Reconstruction System and anticipates a commercial launch in the first half of 2021, once it completes the final stage of biocompatibility, sterilization and packaging testing required by the U.S. FDA.

Amsterdam-based Royal Philips NV has inked a seven-year partnership with Tampa General Hospital in Florida designed to keep the hospital on the front lines of technological innovation. Under the agreement, Tampa General will have early and ongoing access to the latest Philips innovations, providing the hospital with millions of dollars’ worth of solutions such as software packages, healthcare informatics, unique workflow solutions and high-level consulting. Philips also plans to deliver a standardized platform providing doctors and clinicians with a better overall view of the patient.

Waltham, Mass.-based Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. introduced the Oncomine Clinical Research Grant Program to support clinical research projects in oncology and reproductive health. As part of an initial pilot focused on oncology, the company is calling for proposals dedicated to gene fusions in solid tumors and molecular testing in blood cancers. Each proposal has the opportunity to receive up to $200,000 in reagents and funding, as well as the opportunity to work with the Ion Torrent Genexus Systems for the duration of the project. The deadline for proposals is Oct. 31, 2020.

Salt Lake City-based Total Joint Orthopedics Inc. (TJO) and Think Surgical Inc., of Fremont, Calif., are collaborating to enhance total knee replacement procedures. Under the terms of the agreement, Think Surgical will develop software allowing TJO’s Klassic knee system to be implanted using Think’s Tsolution One total knee application, and both companies will co-market the solution upon U.S. FDA clearance of the integrated offering.

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