Medtronic plc is rolling out Careguidepro, its first patient-focused digital tool for spinal cord stimulation. The mobile app and online portal enables providers to better manage patients’ pain relief with real-time feedback and data.

European Commission floats broad framework for regulation of artificial intelligence

The European Commission posted a draft framework for regulation of artificial intelligence (AI), a document that spans all potential of such algorithms rather than just medical uses. The text seems to suggest that all medical uses of AI will be deemed high-risk uses, but this draft is just the opening salvo in a process that will span a year, perhaps longer, before a regulation will be finalized.

China’s revised med-tech regulation encourages innovative devices to enter market faster

To encourage more innovative medical devices to enter the market more quickly, China has revised its regulation to allow third parties to manufacture devices, foreign devices that are not yet approved overseas to be imported to the country, and to shorten the regulatory process. The new regulation will take effect on June 1. The 2021 version of the Regulation on Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices introduced a few important changes, echoing Beijing’s call to spur health care innovation. The last update was in 2014.

Neuroelectrics nabs $17.5M for transcranial electrical stimulation platform

Neuroelectrics garnered $17.5 million in a series A fundraising round led by the Morningside Group. The company plans to use the funds to advance its non-invasive transcranial electrical stimulation platform and clinical trials in epilepsy and depression.

Déjà vu sets in with Special 301 Report

The 2021 Special 301 Report recently released by the U.S. Trade Representative is mostly déjà vu for the 32 countries included on the Priority Watch and Watch Lists, as all of them have appeared before on the lists that call out U.S. trading partners for unfair intellectual property practices that disadvantage foreign companies.

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