American HealthChoice (Flower Mound, Texas) reported the launch of the FDA-approved OmniBody Scan, an infrared thermal imaging camera that will be able to detect patterns of abnormality within the human body. The OmniBody Scan is manufactured for American HealthChoice by an infrared imaging manufacturer with years of experience in this field. Efforts have begun to solicit resellers to penetrate the U.S. market with both the OmniBody Scan and the company's adjunct support system of providing high-quality interpretations of the infrared images. American HealthChoice is a medical services company with medical clinics in Texas and Tennessee.

Dilon Technologies (Newport News, Virginia) reported the introduction of the Dilon 6800 Access, a transportable version of the Dilon 6800 gamma camera designed to meet the needs of customers that want to move the camera between medical centers. The transportable camera will expand the clinical use of the Dilon 6800, by providing the flexibility of transporting the camera to areas of need that may not have high enough patient volumes to justify a full-time system — such as small community hospitals. Shared Medical Technology (SMT; Rice Lake, Wisconsin) is the first center to use the Dilon 6800 Access. SMT has been providing community hospitals and clinics with diagnostic services for over 30 years.

Draeger Medical (Telford, Pennsylvania) reported initial installations of its new Infinity M300 patient-worn monitor. The new system provides the performance of a full-size patient monitor, packaged in a compact patient-worn telemetry device for adult and pediatric patients. The device is equipped to monitor ECG and SpO2, the device has built-in algorithms to enhance ECG processing and reduce false alarms – such as pacer detection software and ACE (Arrhythmia Classification Expert), an arrhythmia analysis tool. Based on industry-standard 802.11b technology, Infinity M300 provides continuous standalone monitoring – even if the patient inadvertently moves out of the hospital's wireless network coverage area. Bidirectional communication between Infinity M300 and Draeger's Infinity CentralStation facilitates wireless data exchange and signal integrity. Draeger Medical specializes in emergency care, perioperative care, critical care or perinatal care, and home mechanical ventilation.

Inverness Medical Innovations (Waltham, Massachusetts) said that it has received licensure from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to make the BinaxNOW Avian Influenza Virus Type A Antigen Test Kit. The BinaxNOW AI Antigen Test is an immunochromatographic test (ICT) that detects influenza A nucleoproteins in chicken, turkey and duck samples. No specialized equipment or training is necessary. Use of the BinaxNOW AI test enables early and accurate identification of influenza A nucleoproteins, facilitating the implementation of appropriate and cost-effective action plans. Inverness Medical Innovations makes near-patient diagnostics, monitoring and health management solutions.

Oxygen Biotherapeutics (Costa Mesa, California) said it has developed a gel-like form of Oxycyte that it intends to investigate as a topical application for open wounds, abrasions and burns. Oxycyte is the company's perfluorocarbon (PFC) therapeutic oxygen carrier. In combination with a hydrogen peroxide pouch, researchers believe the compound could have superior abilities to deliver a high concentration of oxygen directly to the wounded tissue. The combination of Oxycyte gel and H2O2 is believed to be the key to its possible efficacy. Oxygen Biotherapeutics makes pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the field of oxygen therapeutics and continuous substrate monitoring.

ProSanos (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) reported the release of S fetyworks, a web-based, semi-automated software system that can help scientists more quickly spot and measure the strength of associations between a drug and a medical condition found within large electronic healthcare databases. The new software system can perform active drug surveillance and complement traditional epidemiologic studies. With the system, data from traditional sources, like adverse event reports and epidemiological studies, can quickly and reliably be compared with information from observational sources like insurance claims and electronic medical records. ProSanos specializes in management of healthcare-related data.