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VisEn Medical (Woburn, Massachusetts) said it has entered into a joint research program to expand the capabilities and accelerate the adoption of its in vivo fluorescence technologies in Eli Lilly ’s (Indianapolis) R&D programs.

Lilly has been working with VisEn’s portfolio of in vivo fluorescence probes and Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT) imaging systems as part of their new molecular imaging center and preclinical development programs. The program is intended to further the development and expand the application of VisEn’s fluorescence in vivo imaging technologies in drug development.

“This expanded research program represents an important step in VisEn’s mission of working closely with leaders in the field to develop and translate the highest performance fluorescence imaging technologies from research into clinical medicine,” said Kirtland Poss, president/CEO of VisEn.

VisEn’s fluorescence imaging technologies are designed to provide accuracy in identifying, characterizing and quantifying a range of biological processes in vivo, including known molecular activities underlying disease states such as cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular and bone disease, enabling expanded areas of research and more efficient drug development, the company said.

In other agreements news: VQ OrthoCare (Irvine, California), a provider to the orthopedic and spine markets, said it has entered into an agreement with CoolSystems (Berkeley, California) to distribute the Game Ready Accelerated Recovery System to medical professionals, including podiatrists, pain management specialists and orthopedic, spine and plastic surgeons.

The Game Ready Accelerated Recovery System is designed to deliver cold and intermittent compression to help people recover more quickly from injuries or orthopedic surgery when used as part of the RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) regimen, a standard-of-care in physical and post-operative recovery therapy.

The Game Ready system is used to help reduce pain, muscle spasms, swelling and tissue damage associated with musculoskeletal injuries, post surgical trauma or various orthopedic procedures.

CoolSystems manufactures vasopneumatic cryotherapy systems.