Healthcare products and services firm B. Braun Medical (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) reported the availability of the LidoSite Topical System for reducing the needlestick pain associated with procedures such as intravenous cannulation, venipuncture or laser ablation of superficial skin lesions for patients age 5 and up. The system, comprised of the LidoSite Patch (Lidocaine HCl/Epinephrine Topical Iontophoretic Patch) and the LidoSite Controller, provides pain reduction equivalent to a Lidocaine injection without the needlestick, according to B. Braun. A pre-filled LidoSite Patch is filled with Lidocaine HCl 10% and Epinephrine 0.1%; the LidoSite Controller is a pre-programmed device that activates the patch. The patch is activated by a mild iontopheresis current from the controller to accelerate delivery of Lidocaine. Epinephrine contained in the LidoSite Patch helps focus the anesthetic effect directly under the patch and extends the duration of the effect for an hour. The system delivers numbing medication to the procedure site after a 10 minute application vs. topical anesthetics taking up to an hour for full benefit, especially important for children, according to the company. The system enables compliance with American Pain Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for addressing short-lived pain and calling for elimination or reduction of pain whenever possible. The LidoSite System was developed by Vyteris (Fair Lawn, New Jersey) and received FDA clearance last year.

• Cyberonics (Houston) reported receiving FDA approval for its vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) Therapy Version 7.0 Programming Software, compatible with all approved VNS generators and designed to program the new Model 103 single-connector and Model 104 dual-connector generators under development. “The Version 7.0 Software is the first step in the approval of [our] new, smaller and more functional fourth-generation Model 103 and 104 generators,“ said Skip Cummins, Cyberonics' chairman and CEO. “Our goal is to receive approval and launch the Model 103 Generator and the dual connector Model 104 Generator for Model 101 and 102R replacements by the end of fiscal 2006.“ Cyberonics develops VNS technologies for the long-term treatment of epilepsy, depression and other chronic neurological disorders using.

• Welch Allyn (Skaneateles Falls, New York) reported the availability of the Braun ThermoScan PRO 4000, which it said is the only electronic ear thermometer with a preheated probe and sensor for reliable temperature readings on patients of all ages. Its ExacTemp technology provides an active user feedback system to ensure proper positioning and improved accuracy in calculating temperatures. One of the fastest thermometers for infant to adult patients, the company said the Braun ThermoScan PRO 4000 is an affordable electronic vital signs device that can withstand constant use in a medical practice or hospital setting. The lightweight unit features a prominent memory button to recall the last temperature reading from a patient. There is a storage space for 20 probe covers with an optional base station that holds an additional sleeve of 200 probe covers. It also features electronic security enhancements that discourage theft in hospital environments.

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