6354 Viscount Road
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4V 1H3
Phone: 905-677-1944

Sean McNicholas, director, president and CEO


SYN X Pharma Inc., formerly named Skye PharmaTech Inc., is a proteomics-based research and development company that uses its Proteomics Discovery Platform (PDP) to identify protein targets for the development of new drugs and to deliver highly specialized antibody-based diagnostics for the pharmaceutical industry. The company is developing diagnostics for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases that include heart failure and hypertension, and central nervous system diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The PDP uses 2-dimensional electrophoresis, orthogonal chromatography and various types of mass spectrometers to analyze the underlying weight, structure and components of specific proteins. The cDNA is developed and is then used to create transgenic animal models by SYN X’s partner, genOway SA, to mimic the human disease. These new animal models then can be used to selectively screen drug candidates in a more targeted fashion.

SYN X has a human blood sample library consisting of thousands of normal and diseased samples that are well characterized and well defined, including patient histories, used to accelerate the discovery of specific biochemical markers using the PDP.


The company’s Biotech Incubator Program establishes synergistic, collaborative, mentor arrangements with early stage biotechnology companies. SYN X has entered into arrangements with Toxin Alert Inc. and Arius Research Inc.

Development and manufacturing agreement for all point-of-care diagnostic products: Princeton BioMeditech Corp.

Development, manufacture and commercialization of technology for diagnosing, distinguishing, managing and monitoring stroke: Genzyme Diagnostics.

Development of cardiovascular and central nervous system drug targets: genOway SA.

Testing of SYN X’s human stroke markers in Janssen’s animal models for stroke and traumatic brain injury: Janssen Research Foundation, a division of Johnson and Johnson.

Other partners include the National Research Council of Canada; the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Research Corp.; the University of Liege, Belgium; and an unnamed Japanese pharmaceutical company.