Steven Burrill, a senior adviser at Ernst & Young, and FredCraves, chairman of NeoRx Corp. and MicroProbe Inc., haveformed a management partnership to advise life sciencecompanies on approaches to corporate and businessdevelopment, financing, partnering and growth.

Announcing the formation of the San Francisco company lastweek, Burrill & Craves said they will participate as corporateboard members and provide a "substantial capital base forinvestment in life science companies in middle and later phasesof development."

Burrill & Craves said it currently has advisory relationshipswith Astra AB, Bayer/Miles, Berlex Laboratories, InCytePharmaceuticals Inc., MicroProbe, NeoRx and OphidianPharmaceuticals.

It also has relationships with venture capitalists such as KleinerPerkins Caufield & Byers, Hambro America Biosciences and theSprout Group, and investment bankers Hambrecht & Quist;Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison; Ernst & Young; and The WilkersonGroup.

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