Epitope Inc.'s scientific advisory board met on Wednesday todiscuss plans for the company's compounds to treat malariaand other diseases, following last week's announcement that acollaboration with SmithKline Beecham will end on Aug. 4.

In addition to malaria, the board recommended that Epitope(AMEX:EPT) of Beaverton, Ore., look at the activity of thecompounds against fungal infections, Mycobacteriumtuberculosis and other mycobacterial infections, said JohnFitchen, vice president of research and clinical activities.

The board also discussed technical issues relating to the designof the compounds to solve their rapid excretion in mice.SmithKline lost interest in the compounds after an earlyformulation, which worked against malaria strains in vitro,showed only limited efficacy in mice. Epitope subsequentlyshowed that the compound was being secreted too rapidly inthe animals' urine.

Epitope shares closed down $1.50 at $20.63. -- KB

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