The volume of phase I-III clinical trial data so far in 2021 is a full 26% more than it was by this point last year, yet the proportion of news focused on the COVID-19 pandemic continues at much the same rate.

More than a fifth of all clinical reports are related to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Specifically, 22% of all clinical items in the early months of 2020 target the pandemic, compared with 21.5% so far this year. The total 1,224 items of clinical data through late April compare with 968 items during the same period of 2020.

Of the clinical news reported in March, 147 items involved phase I data, while another 145 were for phase II and 89 were for phase III. Those figures were 120, 119 and 69 in February. So far in April, there have been 94 items for phase I, 92 for phase II and 54 for phase III.

Most of the pandemic-related news involves the development of vaccines and therapeutics, and the news appears to be rising, albeit slightly, climbing month to month from 20% in January and 21% in February to 22% in March. In total, there were 263 clinical entries, out of 1,224 overall, focused on the virus. Of the 240 clinical entries so far in April, 54 are related to COVID-19, representing about 23%.

In general, overall clinical data also is moving upward. There were 295 items in January and 308 in February compared with 381 items in March. The most recent high, however, is 405 items in October 2020.

Phase I, II and III clinical data collected this year through late April 2021 can be found within BioWorld Snapshots.